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The value of information is obvious: it is needed across nearly all functions of an organization. Balancing the intrinsic value of information while managing risk is a key equation to solve for the modern enterprise. The dynamic of constantly accelerating use and volume of information, with associated increases in the complexity of compliance, security, and privacy requirements serves as the major variables for organizations.

Breakwater’s experts help organizations with proactive management of affirmative regulatory or statutory obligations to manage information risk, while establishing strategies to derive business value. We also engage on a reactive basis with legal and compliance teams assisting in regulatory inquiries, impact analysis of control or technology failures, and remediation planning and execution.

We develop integrated solutions, customized for clients from large regulated global companies to mid-market firms, that address information risk requirements and encompass security, compliance and legal, and privacy related requirements. We combine extensive experience in highly complex proactive programs and reactive matters to address velocity and volume of information, introduction of new source systems, increasing use of cloud environments and technologies, andmore flexible operating models.

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