Cyber Risk Management

Services designed to enable effective, financially driven, cyber risk decision making


Cyber breaches are consistently a top concern of executive teams, boards of directors, investors, clients, and their business partners. Most reports place the cost of data breaches between $3.5M and $4.5M per event. Every year it becomes more difficult to address the increasing number of cyber risks and prioritize resources. Breakwater offers a comprehensive set of services designed to enable intelligent, financially driven decision-making around an organization’s investment in cybersecurity.

Enterprise Cyber Risk Analysis & Strategic Planning
Breakwater’s Enterprise Cyber Risk Analysis uses a proven, consistent model tailored to each client’s requirements. Our program provides a comprehensive, quantified analysis of cyber risk exposure based on the client’s business model, the most critical assets and processes, and the maturity of the existing cybersecurity program. The analysis visualizes cyber loss exposure across the enterprise and is a foundational element to creating a structured, prioritized plan for addressing the most material gaps in the cybersecurity program. Breakwater’s experts, led by former Fortune 500 CISOs, work alongside the client’s security and management teams to tailor an industry-leading strategy and roadmap to address the highest risk areas.

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Express Health Check
Breakwater’s Express Heath Check synthesizes expert knowledge and sophisticated calculations into a simple, fast, and effective snapshot representing a company’s economic exposure to cyber risk. Our Express Health Check can be used to highlight organizational cyber risk hot spots quickly and efficiently
as a prelude to a traditional cyber risk assessment, as part of a board-level cyber briefing, or to better understand cyber exposure across a business unit portfolio.

Cyber-Resiliency Health Check
The risk of suffering a material cybersecurity loss event grows exponentially every year, and organizations must establish strong, multi-layered, proactive, and reactive security programs to prevent such a loss. Breakwater’s Cyber-Resiliency Health Check looks at an organization’s ability to weather catastrophic cyber events. We help identify critical gaps in the existing response and recovery programs protecting the most critical data and processes.

Cyber Insurance Analysis
As cybersecurity insurance costs increase, policy coverages decrease, and overtones of ransomware payment regulations loom, organizations must reconsider their risk-treatment decisions surrounding cyber-resilience, as loss-transference may not prove as viable an option as it had in prior years.
Over the past several years, many large-scale cyber loss events have caused insurance carriers to become more selective about their cyber policies, demanding stronger security programs, eliminating covered cyber-related loss events, and dropping smaller entities altogether. Breakwater works with clients to identify gaps in their existing cybersecurity programs that most likely affect cyber coverage and helps clients visualize their current coverage under likely cyber loss conditions.

Supply Chain Cyber Due Diligence
Breakwater works with organizations to help ensure that third party risks are quantified and understood. Our proven methodology provides financial exposure clarity and risk mitigation guidance that an organization can use when collaborating with suppliers to reduce their overall cyber risk from the relationship and helps them make better informed supplier decisions across their supply chain portfolio. Our Supply Chain Cyber Due Diligence program provides an online platform to analyze supplier cyber risk, allowing clients to visualize how aggregated third-party cyber risks relate to their overall enterprise cyber risk. By harmonizing cyber risk management strategies across the enterprise, clients can effectively manage their overall cyber risk.

Investor Cyber Due Diligence (M&A, PE, VC)
When investing in another company, risk unknowns can differentiate between a profitable venture and an irreparable loss. Given the increasingly volatile nature of cyber threats in today’s global environment, understanding a company’s cybersecurity posture has become critical for hedging many of those risks. Our Investor Cyber Due Diligence program delivers to investment teams an online platform quantifying cybersecurity risk for a single entity or the entire portfolio. By harmonizing the cyber risk management strategy across investments, M&A, PE, and VC teams can make effective decisions and manage overall cyber risk.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Virtual CISO (fractional/interim)
  • Cyber program development
  • Cyber risk management
  • Threat and vulnerability management
  • Digital forensics and incident response support
  • Regulatory compliance and oversight
  • Mentoring and development of executive cyber talent

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