Executive Cyber Risk Consulting

Executive-level expertise that enables organizations to build, mature, and manage cyber risk programs


Information security is more than a defensive strategy against cyber-crime. It is a critical enabler to run any organization confidently. Breakwater’s executive-level information security professionals are experts in working with organizations to design and deliver cyber risk programs that meet stakeholder goals and address the most critical program gaps that pose a material security threat to an organization. Our experienced cyber security risk officers work closely with clients to manage risk, comply with industry and regulatory demands, mentor and develop internal teams and respond to cyber threats.

Breakwater’s Executive Cyber Risk Experts

Breakwater’s global team of executive cyber risk officers are tenured, proven Chief Information Security Officers (CISO)s and Chief Information Risk Officers (CIRO)s from Fortune’s Global 500 companies. Our experts have significant experience in highly regulated and complex organizations. We possess a strong board and management group presence and are richly adept at working with regulators across an array of industry sectors. Our CISOs and CIROs are deeply experienced enterprise risk managers that understand the integration of information security with all enterprise stakeholders and have the skill and expertise to focus on the most critical gaps within a cyber risk program. Breakwater’s experts have built incident response programs from the ground up and successfully managed cyber incidents large and small. We leverage this expertise to offer a variety of executive cyber risk consulting solutions ranging from on-demand services to comprehensive CISO programs.

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On-Demand CISO Advisory Services

Whether there is a need for cyber risk expertise at the next board meeting, development of a multiyear cyber security blueprint, operating model or roadmap, or an evaluation of the current security posture against industry or regulatory guidelines and frameworks, our seasoned executive-level security experts can be engaged on an on-demand, engagement-level basis. We offer a variety of high-level and detailed solutions to fit an organization’s unique demands.

Fractional CISO

Not every organization requires a dedicated, full-time CISO. Breakwater’s team of experienced CISOs works with management teams to design a part-time model that fits an organization’s challenges and goals. Breakwater’s experts work with clients to meet changing, dynamic needs for enabling and protecting the organization. As fractional CISOs, our experts will be the CISO of record and work collaboratively with business, IT, auditors, regulators, and executive management to ensure compliance with the ever-changing landscape of industry and regulatory demands and establish a security program that aligns with an organization’s enterprise risk appetite.

Interim CISO

Breakwater’s highly seasoned experts can fill the role of CISO for an interim period while working with the organization to establish a permanent CISO. While assisting the organization in the search for the next full-time CISO, our cyber risk experts will maintain and enhance the organization’s security program by offering a new perspective and providing an unbiased view into program priorities, direction, and roadmap. Further, our team will develop a crossover package to ensure a smooth transition from the interim to permanent CISO.

CISO and Deputy CISO Mentoring Services

Breakwater’s experts will mentor an organization’s CISO to achieve defined goals or develop a deputy CISO to take over the program when needed. Our experts will guide the development of roadmaps and deliverables, provide mentorship with business and enterprise skills, and with communication of mission and vision to stakeholders across the enterprise. Our mentors will tailor a customized program which may include: (1) a clear set of demonstrable results, (2) development of a formal education plan, (3) shadowing during team and corporate meetings followed by post meeting analysis, (4) working side-by-side on budgets, roadmaps, board presentations, and metrics and analytics packets, and (5) working with, and responding to auditors and regulators.

Areas of Expertise

  • Information security program development
  • Enterprise cyber risk management
  • Global threat and vulnerability management
  • Incident response
  • Regulatory compliance and oversight
  • Mentoring and development of executive cyber talent

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