Remote Workforce Security

Multi-pronged strategy holistically addresses remote workforce cybersecurity.


Protecting your most precious assets requires a multi-pronged remote workforce security strategy. Our framework addresses remote workforce cybersecurity holistically and includes:

  • Governance, Risk, and Compliance
  • Enterprise Training and Awareness
  • Secured Endpoints and Productivity Tools
  • Strong Authentication and Authorization
  • Data Privacy and Protection
  • Control Testing and Validation
  • Incident Management
  • Cyber Resilience
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Remote Workforce Cyber Program Assessment
Using Breakwater’s Remote Workforce Cyber Security Framework as our guidepost, our team will perform a comprehensive review your remote workforce program to help you identify your most pressing cybersecurity gaps. We’ll work with your 2nd line risk and compliance teams to validate that policies, governance, and oversight have been comprehensively documented and adopted, and we’ll work with your 1st line IT and Cyber teams to validate those technical controls have been adopted, and their efficacy regularly vetted, to provide you the greatest degree of assurance that your enterprise crown jewels are resilient from cyberattack. Where independent control effectiveness testing is requested, Breakwater’s technical assessment services can be engaged and incorporated into our overall program analysis to provide a greater degree of assurance that implemented controls are not only comprehensively designed, but also effectively operating.

Governance, Risk and Compliance Program Review
A successful remote workforce cybersecurity strategy begins foundationally with enterprise policies and standards that define an appropriate set of controls that must be implemented to provide layered defenses against cyber incidents. Once implemented, corresponding controls are then independently governed and tested for compliance to provide a layered set of defenses against potentially material program gaps. Breakwater’s Remote Workforce GRC review is designed to identify control gaps in an enterprise’s policies and standards, and then further assesses gaps in how those policies and standards are independently governed and reported on to senior management. Where additional help is needed to fill programmatic gaps, Breakwater’s tenured executive cyber team members can work with varied stakeholders to develop policies, standards, guidelines, and procedures that will help ensure a solid foundation upon which to securely manage your remote workforce.

Training and Awareness Program Review
A key component to a successful remote workforce strategy is the ongoing awareness and education of your remote workers. As end-users are regularly the first target of, and the first line of defense against, hostile cyber criminals, it is imperative that they learn and keep up to date on the skills they need to be part of the enterprise solution to battle cybercrime. They should know how to respond to cyber-attacks, and their knowledge and diligence should be tested regularly. Breakwater will review your current training and awareness program and help identify opportunities for improvement to better inform and engage your remote workers to make them a key part of your cyber solution.

Endpoint Control Program Review
Establishing a secure technical environment and enabling a remote workforce with the right tools to securely perform their jobs is paramount to a successful remote workforce cyber strategy. Breakwater’s Endpoint Controls Program Review will examine an enterprise’s network and remote access
solutions, productivity and telecommunications tools and technologies, and identity and access management solutions. Our key objectives are to help ensure that an enterprise’s remote workforce solutions meet the spirit of applicable internal and external security and compliance requirements and that
they meet the operational needs of end-users. A breakdown in either of those areas often results in security gaps and “workarounds” that ultimately result in loss.

Privacy and Data Protection Program Review
A successful remote workforce strategy incorporates technologies and practices that maintain control over an enterprise’s information regardless of where it is accessed or resides. This is particularly important for companies that have embraced a remote workforce strategy that requires access to highly sensitive information from an almost limitless array of non-captive working environments. Breakwater’s Privacy and Data Protection Program Review examines the global privacy and data protection implications of how an enterprise has implemented its remote workforce solutions. We examine the
preventative and detective controls in place to prevent improper data disclosures or privacy breaches in one or more global jurisdictions. We go a step further to examine privacy and data protection from the perspective of the remote workers themselves; recognizing that the protections afforded employees by having physical separation between work and home no longer exist in a remote workplace, and often results in heightened risk of cyber-attacks to home networks and personal devices.

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