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Multidisciplinary consulting team provides deep expertise in investigations, data, and technology to protect your organization.

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As technology evolves, organizations maintain increasingly complex and substantial volumes of structured and unstructured data. In addition to core data sources, it is common for organizations to have complexities such as migrated data sources, user-created copies or extracts, legacy data sources, obsolete and irrelevant repositories, and gaps or known issues with specific data sources. Over time, it becomes increasingly difficult to identify golden sources of information, untangle technical workflows that developed on top of ad hoc tools, unwind data processes that evolved from short-term fixes, and recall decisions that led to the current state of the data.

Breakwater professionals are experts at resolving complex data challenges in response to a dispute, investigation, or litigation and proactively improving data visibility and defensibility before an event occurs. We have deep expertise across a variety of industries and design flexible solutions based on an agnostic approach to technology and data.

We have extensive experience identifying, aggregating, standardizing, and analyzing large volumes of disparate structured and unstructured data. We work with organizations and counsel to identify relevant data sources, garner actionable insights, design automated data-driven workflows, and mitigate data risks by strategically leveraging our expertise in data, analytics, and technology. Breakwater’s analytics and data strategy offerings are developed to be programmatic, repeatable, and defensible with rigorous attention to quality and efficiency.

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