Breakwater Cyber Response

Proactive and reactive control failure assessment of unstructured data.

Software Overview

Breakwater Cyber ResponseTM helps security teams perform control failure assessment and incident response of unstructured data. It can help your team identify any gaps between your risks and controls and evaluate the effectiveness of current solutions. Utilize data lineage capabilities to uncover the operational reality of the enterprise environment. Provide an independent report on the data flows and data usage, showing the true effectiveness of the controls. Identify how changes in the security control environment change the behavior and usage patterns of unstructured data. Ensure your control environment is working as designed and expected. Identify failures in the control environment before a security event. Rationalize information security program and budget based on operational reality of the data environment. Quickly scope systems and sensitive data to identify exposure during a breach.

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Key Features

Data Identification & Categorization

Identify Any Content, Anywhere in Your System


  • Employee data: name, address, email
  • Client data: name, address, email
  • SSN, CCN, acct number, DL number, passport number
  • PHI/HIPAA Data
  • Source code
  • Intellectual property
  • Contracts
  • Financial statements
  • Junk/ROT
  • Database info extracts

Data Lineage

Shows Document Lifecycle

  • Creation, change, and movement
  • Map to people and organizations/groups

Identifies Data Flows

  • Business processes: aggregate repeated process by time, person, or organization
  • Data flows between organizations, systems, and people

Patent-Pending Blockchain Technology

Chain together documents using:

  • Initial hash
  • Hash on save
  • Hash on open
  • Who accessed the file
  • Who took the action
  • Detect branching
  • Immutable and reliable
  • Centrally tracked

Data Actions

Actionable Intelligence

  • Based on custom and built-in policies
  • Actions can be permanent, temporary, user-selected, targeted
  • Actions can be taken on data elements, documents, employees, organizations

Action Automation

  • Mask
  • Delete
  • Alert/report
  • Quarantine

Employee & Organization Mapping

See Into the Past

  • Provides a historical record of employees and organizations within your company over time: name changes, email address changes, reporting hierarchy, access rights, system platforms
  • See how employees have moved in and out of roles/organizations, what data they’ve accessed in different roles, and where it’s been stored
  • Reconstruct the organization at any given point in time or track its changes over time

Insight & Intelligence

  • See how your data is being used by individuals, business units, cross-functional teams, and the entire company
    Support look-back and forward-looking determinative business decisions
  • Add dimension to your data risk by marrying the who/what/when/where of your organization to the data
  • Go deeper into your data telemetry
  • Inform business scenarios including incident response, Junk/ROT, and legal hold

Data Visualization

Your Data Brought to Life

  • API-based architecture integrates with BI and other reporting applications for a single view
  • Pre-defined widgets for visualization
  • Define criteria for visualization and reporting
  • Know and understand where data resides and flows around the world
  • Real-time and historical visualization
  • Data metrics (# of files, gigabytes, etc.)


Control Your Environment

  • Manage installation centrally
  • Customize by employee and actions
  • Customize by employee
  • Manage resources
  • Manage email templates
  • Add/remove users
  • Inclusion/exclusion

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