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About Breakwater

Breakwater helps mitigate risk and gain insight from sprawling information by combining technology automation and human expertise. Our expert consulting, software, and managed services address the challenges within information governance, disputes and investigations, regulatory compliance, privacy, cybersecurity, and legal operations.

Our solutions allow governance, legal, and risk professionals to locate, access, analyze, and manage information by making data transparent and actionable. Breakwater helps clients in public and private sectors mitigate risk, improve productivity, and increase profitability by transforming how they use data.

Our Unique Approach

Our approach combines three key elements into unified solutions.


    We leverage our deep industry experience and technical innovation to deliver strategic approaches to information intelligence.


    Our solutions allow governance, legal, and risk professionals to locate, access, analyze, and manage information by making data transparent and actionable.


    Offering flexible managed services solutions based upon your requirements, from implementation and transition to your team to full daily management and operation.

Enterprise Software

StoredIQ for Information Governance

Automates policy for unstructured data to drive insight and compliance.

StoredIQ for Legal

Streamlines the eDiscovery process for legal and IT stakeholders.

StoredIQ InstaScan

Accelerates risk assessments and compliance checks of unstructured data.

Breakwater Cyber Response

Helps security teams perform control failure assessment and incident response of unstructured data.

Breakwater DSAR Response

Helps organizations comply with GDPR, CCPA/CPRA, and other privacy regulations.

Breakwater Inventory

Helps organizations understand the inherent value and risk associated with unstructured data.

Atlas Policy Management

Centralized record policies for your business information

Atlas eDiscovery Process Management

Empowers legal and IT professionals to manage defensible legal workflows.

eDiscovery Manager

Reduce the cost of electronically stored information.

Expert Consulting & Advisory

Information Governance

Our unique combination of consulting and modular platform enables custom solutions to address your organization’s most pressing governance needs.

Litigation & Disputes

We provide reactive expert consulting for client matters and proactive advisory services to mitigate the time, cost, and data risks associated with litigation or disputes.

Investigations & Regulatory Response

We assist companies and their legal counsel to swiftly and strategically investigate, respond to, and resolve regulatory inquires.

Cybersecurity, Privacy & Data Risk

We bring data, technology, and industry insights together to implement solutions to prevent and respond to security and privacy challenges.

Legal Data & Technology

We enable legal departments and law firms to be digital, agile, and data-driven.