eDiscovery Manager

Reduce the cost of electronically stored information.

Software Overview

eDiscovery Manager enables authorized IT and legal staff to search, cull, hold and export case-relevant content reducing management costs for electronically stored information (ESI). This comprehensive solution gives you the high performance and rich functionality you need to support complex cases throughout your enterprise.


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Key Features

Lower eDiscovery costs

Use an intuitive web-based interface to quickly access and gain early insight into case-related content. Improve proactive formulation of discovery strategies. Create new cases and work on existing cases. Save searches to share with other authorized users and schedule searches for increased productivity. Help your legal staff manage complex cases while preserving the chain of custody for documents in individual case repositories.

Preserve your ESI evidence

Provide a change-tracking repository, demonstrate authenticity, and address complex chain-of-custody requirements. Maintain a robust audit trail that can be exported quickly and used in court to defend ESI evidence. Leverage wide-ranging robust security controls enabled by dynamic role-based features. Supply granular control of legal case tasks. Use an automated hold capability to preserve ESI. Reduce your exposure to ESI spoliation, accidental modification, and deletion of evidence.

Use powerful search for quick content access

Use the eDiscovery Manager high-volume search capabilities and empower your IT and legal staff to sift through millions of pieces of content smartly, including email and other documents. Automatically select the most relevant ESI set for a particular case.

Organize ESI, email, and other content

Address underlying discovery issues in increasing volumes of uncontrolled ESI. Support a scalable enterprise content management platform that delivers integrated content collection, classification, records management, content analytics, and discovery process automation. Keep your ESI volume under control while delivering agile, defensible litigation responses.

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