Partner Program

Accelerate business opportunities with our exclusive solution for foundational privacy management of unstructured data in cloud and on-premises systems.

Why Partner with Breakwater?

Breakwater is uniquely positioned to help you grow your business with our exclusive Privacy solution for privacy management that enables organizations to quickly discover, analyze, and act on any privacy risks.

Breakwater’s comprehensive partner program will enable you to sell, implement, and support our Privacy solution for clients whose data you may already be managing and protecting, as well as open opportunities with new clients.

As a related discipline to cybersecurity, data privacy is quickly becoming a critical issue for any organization’s security. In fact, California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) related suits have been filed in over 30 courts across 20 states. 90% of the 2021 CCPA cases are specifically tied back to data breaches, demonstrating that privacy and data security are interrelated disciplines.

Partner with Breakwater to take the next step of managing your client’s data security with our Privacy solution.


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