Software Managed Services

Expert resources to help organizations solve legal, compliance, privacy, security, and other governance challenges using Breakwater technology.

Software Overview

The investment in technology automation supporting legal, compliance, privacy, security, and other governance requirements can be maximized by leveraging experts during implementation and ongoing operation. Engaging an experienced services team with direct access to application developers is key to achieving your business objectives.

Breakwater’s Managed Services offers flexible solutions based on your requirements, from implementation and transition to your team to full daily management and operation. Working with organizations worldwide in every industry, the Breakwater Services team offers decades of experience in information governance and management. Companies utilize services to augment their internal teams, balance workload spikes, and mitigate service disruption risk. Typical use-cases include but are not limited to cybersecurity, data privacy, data migration, incident response, legacy data clean-up, legal eDiscovery, and regulatory compliance.


Key Services

Deployment Services

Breakwater’s Managed Services team follows a proven deployment methodology for customer success. Whether it is a proof of concept, pilot, or production deployment, engagements are initiated with the Design phase, which begins with capturing and understanding the customer’s business and the solution’s technical and project requirements. The appropriate resources, solution components, and dependencies are identified to create and develop the solution design. The Deployment phase implements the design with the configuration and integration of solution components using an iterative and incremental approach. Training is the last phase to enable users and administrators on the solution. At the project’s close, customers are transitioned to customer support or ongoing managed services for dedicated subject matter expertise and product support.

Training Services

Breakwater’s Services offers various training services tailored to each deployment and customer need. Most projects include Breakwater’s structured “Train the Trainer” program. While this is tailored for both administrators and end-users, time is allocated to provide high-level overviews of the solution for management and other customer resources. Training participants will go through a variety of student labs and materials to understand how to configure and use the solution, in addition to content covering administration topics. Student labs are offered using Breakwater’s virtualized training environment or labs can be configured in a customer’s non-production environment. Typically, training is provided onsite over three days, in addition to the ongoing hands-on training provided throughout the deployment.

Project Management

Breakwater provides dedicated professional project management throughout the lifecycle of the engagement. The project management team will kick off the Initiate phase of the engagement by reviewing the scope, assumptions, constraints, project plans, risks, and pre-deployment expectations with the project participants. The Plan phase begins by providing a detailed schedule of the resources and activities required to successfully achieve the project’s goals. The Execute phase targets accomplishing the activities documented in the plan using the resources and schedule specified. The Close phase provides formal closure to the project where all project deliverables and acceptance criteria are reviewed.

Ongoing Dedicated Support

Breakwater offers ongoing Managed Services for continued dedicated product and solution support. Working with organizations worldwide in every industry, the Breakwater Managed Services team offers decades of experience in information governance and management. Companies use managed services to augment their internal teams to balance workload spikes and mitigate the risk of service disruption. Breakwater’s Managed Services team:

  • Provides continued dedicated support for all Breakwater products and solutions
  • Acts as an extension of the customer’s team as solution and subject matter experts
  • Offers support for multiple use-cases
  • Provides on-call support for proactive and reactive scenarios
  • Acts as a liaison between the customer and Breakwater’s technical support and product development teams

Areas of Expertise

  • Solution Design Services
  • Deployment Services
  • Data Assessment Services
  • Optimization Services
  • Training Services
  • Project Management
  • Ongoing dedicated Managed Services support

Services Tailored to These Breakwater Solutions

  • Atlas eDiscovery Process Management
  • Atlas Policy Management
  • Breakwater Cyber Response
  • Breakwater DSAR Response
  • Breakwater Inventory
  • eDiscovery Manager
  • StoredIQ for Information Governance
  • StoredIQ for Legal
  • StoredIQ InstaScan

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