October 23, 2023

Repario Acquires Breakwater Solutions, Pioneering the Future of eDiscovery and Data Privacy

Repario Acquires Breakwater, Pioneering the Future of eDiscovery and Data Privacy

UNITED STATES, October 3, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — Repario, a powerhouse of innovation in the eDiscovery sector, is excited to announce its acquisition of Breakwater, a firm that has revolutionized information governance through its transformative approach to data discovery. This acquisition heralds a pivotal moment in the industry, establishing a new gold standard for forward-thinking and robust data privacy and eDiscovery solutions.

In a landmark move, Repario, a global frontrunner in comprehensive eDiscovery services, has acquired Breakwater, a trailblazer in innovative information governance solutions. Breakwater executives Will Jaibaji (Chief Product Officer), Markus Lorch (CTO), Rajitha Boer (Global Head LDTS), Michael Henry (VP, Services) bring decades of information governance expertise to the Repario executive team; these additions will help usher in a new era where data privacy, cybersecurity and eDiscovery go hand in hand, offering organizations unprecedented control and insight into their data and management strategies.

Will Jaibaji commented, “Breakwater is focused on leveraging next generation AI to help customers find interesting data in a fraction of the time – whether that’s sensitive customer data, data violating cybersecurity policies, regulated data or data relevant to legal proceedings. The synergies with Repario’s depth of experience is exciting – information governance is the first step in the EDRM and Repario is now uniquely positioned to bring a comprehensive solution to fruition.”

Dave Deppe, CEO of Repario, shared his vision for this partnership, stating, “By bringing Breakwater into the Repario family, we are not just enhancing our service portfolio; we are taking a giant leap towards a future where eDiscovery and data privacy are seamlessly integrated. Breakwater’s rich history and deep understanding of the data landscape make them the perfect partner to help us pioneer next-gen, high value solutions.”

Breakwater has built its reputation as a breakwater in the industry, shielding businesses from oceans of data risk. Their holistic approach to data management, grounded in a deep understanding of the systemic issues that often plague organizations, promises to be a game-changer in the industry.

As global organizations grapple with a rapidly evolving regulatory landscape, the integration of Breakwater’s solutions into Repario’s offerings creates a future where compliance is not just about meeting regulatory requirements but leveraging them as a strategic advantage. Breakwater’s deep expertise in privacy risk assessment, data profiling, and classification, among other areas, will empower organizations to navigate the complex world of data privacy with confidence and foresight.

Looking ahead, Repario and Breakwater are committed to driving the future of eDiscovery and data privacy, leveraging advanced machine learning and Generative AI projects to offer solutions that are at the cutting edge of technology. The combined expertise of Repario and Breakwater promises to unlock new potential in data management, offering solutions that are not just about mitigating risk but turning data into a strategic asset that can drive growth and innovation in business.

As we stand at the threshold of a new era, Repario and Breakwater invite present and future partners to collaborate in forging a future where data transcends management to become a potent catalyst for innovation and growth.

For more information about this transformative acquisition and to explore the exciting future it promises for eDiscovery and data privacy, please visit www.repariodata.com or contact Repario’s media relations team.

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